Melting Units

For medium sized batch production we recommend our Bickers With its huge melting tank from 4-16 liters it is ideal if there is no need or space for bigger machines. We are pleased to help you finding the right product for your needs.


  • Dura Blue

    Dura BlueBickers DuraBlueTM melting systems are fully electrical ho melt units and can be equipped for line- as well as for spray apllication.They are versatile, portable and its compact design and easy, reliable handling are ideal for processing assembly- and packaging applications. The enclosures designed for universal application processes with different adhesives like granulates, pillows, sticks,  cushions and cubes.


  • Slautterback

    SlautterbackThe fully electrical hot melt units of the series Bickers AT15, melt and promote adhesives for most different packaging and assembly applications.

    This product is no longer avaiable, but we still offer a repair - service and spare parts.