Our glue guns can be adapted with many recommended accesories on request. The choice extends from special nozzles, tripods and foot switches up to pre-melting units.

  • Premelter VSB4

    Premelter VSB4Continous working with our premelting-tank Exakt VSB-4. In Combination with our glue guns MS., K1- and HMS, longer work interruptions caused by melting time are dropped. A large range of adhesives can be melted by a temperature from 0°C to 150°C and kept liquid without getting burned. The adhesive can be decanted and processed immediately without long premelting time.
  • Cardridge Preheater KVG2

    Cardridge Preheater KVG2For faster processing of your cardridges, we offer our cartridge preheater Exakt KVG2. Two cartridges can be preheated together on up to 150°C within a few minutes. Despite cartridges exchange, effective and smooth work is ensured.
  • Nozzles

    NozzlesAdditional to our mechanical- and pneumatic glue guns we offer special nozzles. Different types with different diameters and forms contribute that even fiddly precision work is no longer a problem. From line-, to point-, film-, spray- and even swirl- application, Bickers special nozzles offer a variety of options. 
  • Tripods and foot switches

    Tripods and foot switchesEspecially for precision work, as well as working with lagre quantities, stationary work brings considerable advantages. Therefore we recommend our tripods and foot switches. The operator can fully concentrate on the production process to obtain optimum performance